About Anopoli

The only road leading to Anopolis is the 12-km road from Chora Sfakion, which was recently reconstructed. About two (2) km west of Anopolis, the abandoned village of Aradena offers beautiful examples of the ancient Cretan architecture.

Anopolis is one of the best places to be in Sfakia region. It is a small village (consisting of 8 hamlets and totalling about 350 inhabitants) spread on a fertile plateau, on the foot of the White Mountains and offers the visitor the choise of visiting natural beaches and ancient ruins, going on mountain hiking, swimming, diving, fishing or just sit and relax in the area of Agia Ekaterini. Today, Anopolis and the whole Sfakia region still remain one of the most traditional parts of Crete. The village survives mainly from agriculture and animal farming. There are a few pansions and rooms to let available, as well as several small taverns.

Please do not hesitate to stop by the bakery on the main road, in order to taste the delicious twice-baked pieces of bread with coriander and anise! Heading towards the village’s square, you can also taste traditional dishes and spend the night in “Platanos” tavern and rental rooms.

In one of the neighborhoods of Anopolis, a road leads to the hill of St. Catherine, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Libyan Sea and the fishing village of Loutro. The remains of ancient Anopolis, ruins of Cyclopean walls that surrounded the city are still standing , mainly on the north slope of the hill. From Anopolis there’s a dirt road that goes up to the White Mountains.

The next village you come across is Aradena, with its impressive gorge and metal bridge that connects the two sides of the road. Turning left from Aradena, you are led to the village of Livaniana, the Palm Beach and the Beach of the Wolf. All those places benefit from magnificent, panoramic views of the rugged coast of Sfakia . Your last stop should be the village of St. John, a small and almost deserted village with a few residents.